As a former drama student of Mrs. Closner, I can honestly say some of my best moments in high school were spent in her class. From practicing improv to performing in larger productions, Mrs. Closner helped each of us fall in love with the art of dramatization. I couldn't recommend her highly enough as a teacher and mentor.       -Tina W

Having been involved with numerous productions and drama camps with Lisa Closner, I can truly say that it changed my life. Lisa provides a safe and constructive environment where youth are empowered to express themselves. I learned life skills that serve me to this day, and I had a whole lot of fun in the process. Theatre is a wonderful experience that I recommend to anyone. It taught me that inspiration can be found everywhere, and that hard work pays off. For that I am forever grateful.   -Chris O

I went to drama camps for many years and to this day, it’s one of my greatest memories from my childhood. Being able to learn how to improv, warm up for plays, and also create my own performance with my group by the end of the week was such a rewarding experience. Going to drama camp with friends was always fun because not everyone held drama as a hobby, but everyone got so into drama camp and fully participated in the art of acting. There were so many different activities that it kept everyone interested the whole entire time whether drama was their “thing” or not. I, for one, know that I gained a lot from drama camp and it helped me become more confident when I was in elementary school because I was pushed to step outside my comfort zone.     -Kenna M

I had the opportunity to work closely with Lisa when she was drama instructor at my high school. She combines theatrical expertise and personal warmth to challenge her students to achieve greatness. When I played Bilbo in her production of “The Hobbit”, Lisa was a constant encouragement to me - not only during class, but outside class as well.   -David R